New song!

2015-11-17 08:29:43 by ULacezDeeJay

New song released! Check it out!

Update about my music >_<

2015-05-25 14:08:54 by ULacezDeeJay

Hey guys! I think you heard some of the songs I made..(not the best tho)  I'm still trying to make more songs, but my computer has crashed the time I was working >_< I was basically working with a Remix of White Light by Vau Boy (Link to the remix below" And also a song I call Miracles (Almost done) one more too :P (Have no name for it yet)

My song Mystery got remixed by Da Creator, it sounds so damn awesome so I wanted to share! :D

My new song is out!

2015-03-20 16:47:33 by ULacezDeeJay

My new song Mystery is out now!

Click this link!

Song almost finished!

2015-03-13 19:30:25 by ULacezDeeJay

I'm soon done with my song I'm working on, It's "A Song Working in Progress" aka Mystery or something else.. I don't know a name for it yet..

But here's the preview of what is finished! Enjoy!


I'm currently working on my own music right now, still kinda hard and I uploaded a preview of a song I'm working on.

So check it out, it's not the best sound quality, but I will fix it! so don't worry about it ;)

New noob Musician?! UGH!

2014-12-05 02:40:35 by ULacezDeeJay

Hello there! I'm ULacez and I'm new here on (NEW)grounds. I'm really a noob at making music with FLStudio, but I'm learning got any tips or video tutorials so please share! It can be helpful for me to become better with FL and make my music much better!

Have a nice weekend and thanks for reading and understanding! peace!

Check out my SoundCloud: