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Yello! I'm ULacezDeejay, a lazy amateur music producer. I make Remixes and also my own songs. (even if they aren't the best.)



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New noob Musician?! UGH!

Posted by ULacezDeeJay - December 5th, 2014

Hello there! I'm ULacez and I'm new here on (NEW)grounds. I'm really a noob at making music with FLStudio, but I'm learning got any tips or video tutorials so please share! It can be helpful for me to become better with FL and make my music much better!

Have a nice weekend and thanks for reading and understanding! peace!

Check out my SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/ULaceDeeJay


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Hey man!
I'm w00tw00 and i would be glad to help if you had any questions!

Thanks! and would you recommend some awesome effects/fx I could use to improve my songs? or like what I need to do make it sound better with drums, kicks etc.

Learn how to use the 'Fruity Parametric EQ 2'
Some terms used with the Equalizer(EQ) are filtering types, named;
Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch(Band Stop/Reject)
Each of these are worth looking up for when you have trouble getting sounds to fit in with your mix.
I recommend just looking them up for a definition of each one.

Look for a 'Frequency Chart' online to use for reference. You can match up the frequency numbers on the chart(Hz or kHz) to the numbers on your Parametric EQ, and use the different filtering types, to get your sounds to fit in the mix.
Usually ones for orchestral music are populating the majority of charts, but you can find some for club music pretty easily.
I've taken the liberty to find a page that has a generic chart and link it here;

Make sure all your channel inserts are relatively balanced in level.
If you want a sound that you can only seem to get while the volume is clipping,
use the 'Fruity Soft Clipper' to make it artificially clip at lower volumes.
Similarly the 'Fruity WaveShaper' and most Compressors can do the same thing.

This advice wont make you a better musician but it should help you up the quality of your production by helping you get all your instruments to sit well together in the final mix.

Thanks! This helps alot!